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Trout Creek Farm is dedicated to supporting our community by producing local food and flowers in a sustainable way. That means that our products are free from pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.  Our Buena Vista, CO location at 8,000 feet means that we are naturally free of most pests and diseases. We actively cultivate the health of the soil with local compost, manure and cover crops to ensure our plants have everything they need to thrive. The energy for heating and lighting our seeding and germination spaces is fed by solar power. The few critters that try and nibble on the veggies are kept in check by our very sneaky farm kitties. The weeds are managed by hoes, hands, and tractors.


In short, you can feel good knowing that the beautiful and delicious products you get from Trout Creek Farm have been thoughtfully cultivated by people who know that what we feed our families and put into the environment, matters.

_MG_3138 (1)

Pollinator friendly and habitat provider


Weed suppressing plastic re-used every year

_MG_3113 (1)

Loads of ladybugs here to keep aphids under control

_MG_2810 (1)

Chickens help out with weed and pest management instead of chemicals

Kitties protecting the farm from rodents

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